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OH and employment law panel

30 Oct

Put a date in your diary. 4th December 9am we will be holding our first ask the experts forum and networking event.

Open to all HR professionals with a short 10 min presentation on long term absence the legal implications followed by a open confidential discussions on issues you face.

We will have an occupational health physician, employment lawyer and of course lots of HR experts in the audience.

All working together to discuss challenges in dealing with long term absence or other OH and employment law issues.

A great Q&A session

More details to follow

Ps. Richard will be organising breakfast.


Cipd one week away

30 Oct

The team and I (Richard and James) are getting ready for the cipd conference in Manchester next week. Please do let us know if you are attending we would love to meet up .

Come to our stand and take part in our attendee poll.

A great new initiative from O2

25 Oct

Just enjoying a presentation at sbcp from Ronan Dunne CEO of O2

GP’s feel obliged to write Sick notes – Corporate Health

25 Oct

“77% of GPs admit to feeling obliged to write a sick note for non-medical reasons for patients who are struggling with what Dame Carol quite simply called ‘life’.”  so how do businesses deal with this? The answer is good management and referral into Occupational Health who can help give managers a report on what an employee can do and how, helping them move forward rather than coming to a grinding halt. Independent OH advisors  are specially trained to understand how these type of situations affect an employees ability to work and as they don’t have the same patient/GP relationship can give clear ‘get of the fence advice‘ something Corporate Health delivers day in day out for our current customers.

To find out more about how Occupational health can help you deal with employee absence and wellbeing

Click here to find out more

Occupational Health News from Corporate Health

23 Oct

Dame Carol Black highlighted in a recent talk to HR professionals ‘The current culture results in an individual easily being signed off work and very easily slipping away further and further from the labour market. The chances of bringing a person back to work reduce with time and after 20 weeks the likelihood of return has fallen to just 15%’ this is one of the reasons I believe in early and consistent intervention, so many managers leave referring into Occupational Health until it is too late, better outcomes for all are achieved when we still have a chance of helping the employee back to work. What do you think? TOP TIP: refer them in early and start the journey before its too late.

My first blog

23 Oct

Wow can even do this from my iPhone


My first blog

23 Oct

Thanks to Richard who has just introduced me to a new way to spend the few moments I have spare, telling the world about what i am upto and what I am thinking. Might be a better way to spend that time sitting as taxi Dad waiting for the children who seem to have a better social life than I do. Something new to learn so here goes bare with me.