Great News CIPD tell us average sick days down Bad news ……..

9 Jan

On reading the CIPD ‘A barometer of HR trends and prospects 2013’ we might all be pleased to see the average reduction in working days lost over the past year however if you read further we see that nearly two thirds of employers have noticed an increase in presenteeism in the last 12 months.  So is it better to have a sick employee at work or a lost working day? Either way we as business leaders need to make sure our teams are looked after and effective be they at home ill or in the office struggling along, a manufacturing plant wouldn’t let its machinery go unmaintained so if according to CIPD only half of organisations have a well being strategy in place what are the rest doing?

The average cost of absence per employee is £600 per annum, even in an organisation of just 50 people thats £30,000 a year, so in 2013 is it worth investing just a little in employee wellbeing, health days and testing the impact it has on morale and attendance?

41% of employees report being under pressure once or twice a week and one of the most common causes of absence now is stress. Is your business one of the Three-Fiths of organisations taking steps to identify and reduce stress?

Are you planning to tackle stress in the workplace this year?

Corporate Health the Oldest OH provider in the UK a charity committed to the improvement of Health in the work place would love to hear from you about your plans for the year.


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