Met Chief – Workers should be tested for Drugs – is your Company doing this?

30 Jan

We all know there will be employee who are under the influence yet we live in denial and avoid testing and taking action. In high risk jobs the consequences of employees not being alert can result in serious injury or death of an employee, colleague, customer or member of the public.

So why do so few companies have a system in place which allows them to test for drugs and alcohol based on cause i.e accident at work or suspicion of line manager. A technician can be on site within 2 hours to take a sample and prove either way if the employee is under the influence protecting your business reputation, the employee and co-workers. More importantly why are we not completing random tests throughout the year. We recently took on a new customer who was convinced none of the employees were under the influence. Guess what? on the first day we identified an employee who was clearly high on drugs!

Contact Corporate Health via our website or call  0330 330 395 If you need help or would like to discuss

  • Setting up an agreement so you can test based on cause
  • Setting up random testing of employees
  • Writing a policy 

To read what the Met Chief says



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