Only 36% of businesses have a drug and alcohol policy!

12 Feb

I was kindly forwarded a research piece from Ruth Christy at Blake Lapthorn which is a very insightful report.

  • Employers who conduct drug and alcohol testing is unchanged; only 8% in both 2004 and 2012.  This is contrary to the general perception that monitoring their use has been on the increase over the last few years.
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training is also around the same and remains low (9% in 2004 and 13% in 2012) but out of those that do, there is now a much greater focus on training managers.
  • There has been a significant rise in the number of organisations that have written policies on drug and alcohol testing from 19% in 2004 to 36% in 2012.  However, the most marked change has been in tolerance levels.  Of the organisations that conduct testing, 28% operated a zero tolerance policy in 2004 but in 2012 only 4% apply zero tolerance.
  • Most organisations think the use of alcohol and drugs by employees outside work has an adverse effect on their work (alcohol 61% and drugs 54%).

As employers believe that drugs and alcohol have a significant impact on work why do they not carry out testing?  Curiously, most respondents said it was because they did not think it was an issue for their organisation.

To see the full article which also includes research into social Media Click Here

Corporate Health have a National Network of drug and alcohol testers contact us if your business needs to implement random testing or cause testing Click Here


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