Corporate Health – Occupational Health Innovators – History Part 1

28 Feb

Shortly after the war in 1945 Sir Noel Mobbs set up what is now Corporate Health, originally a project set up in Slough due to the diversity of industry on the trading estate. The team started to develop and support what is now commonly known as Occupational Health.


In 1947 before the NHS had been created the doors of the medical centre were opened with 50 local companies using the facility to help prevent absence and accidents and assist in the rehab and well-being of nearly 6000 employees. By 1963 over 300 companies and 27,000 employees were using the services. In 2013 we look after over 700 companies spread across the UK.


set up as a charity in 1947 the objects to support the development, research and training of occupational medicine are still maintained today as is the innovative approach to Occupational Health.

I will be taking extracts from Dr Eagger’s book ‘Venture into industry’ which was commissioned by the Council of management as a record detailing the success and findings of the service between 1947 and 1963. It is fair to say Sir Mobb’s and his team were innovators and have contributed significantly to the service and methods we now use.

Corporate Health provides a national service provision offering the full range of OH services, during the past 66 years we have helped train Occupational Health Physicians and Occupational Health nurses. The charity continues to support the Mobbs fellowship allowing OHP’s to travel abroad to research different Occupational Health projects.

In upcoming Blogs I will share with you:-

  • Why Slough
  • Development of OH services in Great Britain
  • The Origins
  • Development of the Slough OH service
  • The Casualty Service
  • The Rehab Services
  • Occupational hygiene services
  • Social Services
  • The records
  • The Future as it was in 1963

If you would like to know more about Corporate health please do note hesitate to contact us



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