9 questions I think could change your outlook on life.

2 Mar

Following a recent staff development session with Michael Finnigan from i2i the following 9 questions are ones Michael talked to us about and has on his website. A great way to start thinking about what you want from life and how you are going to get it.


1. Focus

In life, we tend not to get what we would like, so much as what we will settle for.

What is good enough for you?

What will you be devastated at missing out on?


2. Benefit

What will it mean to you to achieve your goals?

How big a prize are they for you?

What exactly will it mean for you?

Do you have a clear picture of success?

Focus on the benefits you will receive.


3. Sacrifice

What extra effort can be made in pursuit of your goals?

How would the greatest individuals of all time prepare themselves for success?


4. Desire

In a task that 99% of people would have given up on would you?

How much do your goals mean to you?


5. Discipline

Discipline is a hot topic right now.

Discipline is how you behave when nobody is looking and when nobody will ever know.

Will you work that extra five minutes or make one extra call… or not?


6. Luck

Are you going to create  luck for yourself?

Are you going to focus on it?

Are you going to have a positive mindset, take action, meet people and make things happen?


7. Calmness

How are you going to react if things start to go against you?

Will you panic or stick to your plans?

Will you show emotional resilience or be rudderless?


8. Resolve

In the face of any obstacles, will you remain resolutely focussed on your goal or will you quietly set a lower goal?

Will you show resistance to setbacks?

Will interim failure make you stronger?


9. Confidence

Will you display genuine confidence in the way you walk and talk when you do not know you are being watched?

Will your unconscious signals indicate certainty or doubt?




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