Defibrillators for Non League Football Clubs – Does you Business have one?

18 Mar


Gruenderpreis 2004 IHK

As Football reacts to the the events of last year when Fabrice Muambe collapsed in front of Thousands the real question has to be does you business have this life saving equipment available for your employee and visitors. The cost of a machine with training is around £1,500 and all you need to do is fix it to a wall and plug it in. It really is that simple to save a life.

To see this life saving equipment in actions and how easy it is to use <Click here> and watch our Bondi Beach video.

More than 900 defibrillators are being made available to clubs in non-league football and the Women’s Super League.

The FA and British Heart Foundation have joined up to launch the £1.2m fund, one year after Fabrice Muamba’s on-pitch cardiac arrest.

Muamba, 24, collapsed playing for Bolton during their FA Cup quarter-final with Tottenham on 17 March 2012.

The England Under-21 international midfielder was “in effect dead” for 78 minutes but survived the incident.

Read more about this story <Click Here>

Using the equipment is so easy yet so many of us are afraid of the unknown and shy away thinking what if I have to use it, can I make things worse! well the questions has to be what if I don’t have the equipment and don’t Try! the equipment really is that simple a child could use it and its self managing so wont shock the patient if there is a heart beat.


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