Corporate Health launch service to help avoid the chances of unfair dismissal claims.

12 Apr


OH teams up to give correct HR legal support to manage

difficult cases to conclusion

Corporate Health and EliAction launch a joined up service to help ensure that once a clear, medical opinion is given by the OH team are correct.

Brett Edwards (Managing Director – Corporate Health) and Ros Hammond  (Co founder – ELi Action) have joined forces to offer a comprehensive service to users of Corporate Health’s case management service. We have identified a need in a number of smaller businesses to offer professional HR legal advice on how to deal with difficult cases once the OH report has been received. Quite often the report is not enough and managing a case to conclusion can be a minefield. ELi Action will now provide additional support to customers who need this support.

Once a business has received the Occupational Health Report, the team of experts from EliAction will be available to have a detailed discussion with the mangers in respect of the employee’s case history.  They will review any case notes and previous medical history alongside the Occupational Health report and provide them with a detailed report about the various actions that they could take, along with an analysis of the potential risks associated with those actions.

Once they have received the report, the team are very happy to have a further discussion in respect of the recommendations and the options available to them, discussing any concerns and offering practical support.  Ros and the team pride themselves on working closely with their clients and offer practical advice whilst providing them with several options for consideration.  Of course if further support is need EliAction will be able to offer this service.

The role of the OH team is to give an independent medical opinion. The Legal HR team can take this information and help a business develop and deliver a strategy to get the employes back to work or where this is not possible to help manage them out of the business avoiding the legal pitfalls associated with this approach.

EliAction and Corporate Health are natural partners as both offer the same get of the fence, clear, decisive and commercially focussed advice.

To find our more or to start using Corporate Health for all your OH needs go to


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