Bullying in the Workplace! Tell us your stories and your solutions.

25 Apr



According to the CIPD One estimate states that bullying costs UK employers upwards of £2 billion a year 

We are preparing for an educational session on this topic so I am keen to hear your stories of bullying especially if as a result of the bullying the person being bullied, colleagues or the bully themselves ended up being absent from work. I am also keen to hear any great initiatives which you feel have worked to help managers/businesses deal with this problem. 

If you prefer to private message me then my email is brett.edwards@corporatehealth.co.uk thanks for your help, all feedback sent to me privately will anonymised.

Bullying at work is a common occurrence in the workplace and it is often unnoticed or not dealt with. Bullying can be directed at a person personally or it can relate to work activities.

Research shows that 80% of managers know that bullying is occurring in their workplace, yet few admitted being involved. Bullying involves negative behaviour being targeted at an individual or individuals, repeatedly and persistently over time. Common forms include:

  • Being caught up in arguments or rude comments
  • Being ignored or excluded
  • Being given meaningless tasks or being overloaded with work
  • Having information withheld deliberately
  • Being made to feel stupid in public
  • Being the subject of gossip or belittling remarks or not being given credit where it is dueThe impact of bullying and harassment are not to be underestimated. Common complaints of victims can include high levels of stress, poor health, a decrease in performance and repeated sickness absence. So what are the answers? Where does HR stand from a legal point of view in terms of dealing with bullying and stamping it out of your organisation’s culture.
  • Should you introduce a bullying policy?
  • Where does the Prevention of Harassment Act come into play?
  • When should you try mediation?
  • When is legal action the answer?

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