Free Educational Event – Dyslexia in the Workplace – Tuesday 14th May

3 May

If this impacted one of your employees

would you know exactly what to do?


Come and learn more about it form dyslexia experts and our clinical team. For more information on our free training event Dyslexia in the workplace go to our info page

  • As an HR Professional, do you understand about Dyslexia in the Workplace and what your responsibilities are?
  • If one of your employees was underperforming, but you subsequently discovered that they were dyslexic, would you know what measures to put in place to help them?
  • Have a look at the case study part 1 and then part 2
  • Dyslexia is a much-misunderstood condition. We need to help raise awareness of dyslexia and ensure that both employees and employers understand the unique gifts and talents associated with the dyslexic thinking/learning style and how to use these talents to the mutual benefit of both parties. Research has shown that unfortunately some HR departments are not aware of their responsibilities towards their dyslexic employees and may fall foul of the Equality Act, which may lead to an employer being taken to an Employment Tribunal, a very expensive and time consuming process. With the expert help and guidance, then the need to resort to litigation can be obviated and practicable solutions can be put in place.

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