Just £35 – Training for HR on how to use Occupational Health

3 May


Corporate Health, a leading national Occupational Health provider, launches an innovative online training solution for HR professionals on how to get the best ROI from their Occupational Health service.

Established in 1947, the charitable objectives of Corporate Health include education and research and with this in mind, the organisation’s clinical experts have worked with HR to develop this new and innovative online training course.

We launched the new training at the CIPD HRD learning and development exhibition, our new and innovative product to facilitate online Occupational Health (OH) based learning for HR managers. The training guide, “How to effectively use Occupational Health in the Workplace”, will provide case studies and solutions whilst posing questions to guarantee that any HR Manager going through the training will receive clear, decisive and commercially focused advice on how to benefit from OH, therefore ensuring a return on investment for themselves and their employees and enabling their OH provider becomes a trusted partner for their organisation.  See Dr Charlie Vivian explain a case study looking at Adjustments and the Equality Act.  Click here to watch the video.

Managing Director, Brett Edwards said “I believe that the OH industry lacks good quality training solutions for HR on how to get the most from OH. Dr Charlie Vivian, Occupational Health Physician, delivers an enlightening online training programme which will help HR pro actively manage employees with long term absence or health issues affecting their performance.”

The course, now available to HR managers across the UK, normally costs £35. Visit our online training page http://www.corporatehealth.co.uk/what_we_do/online-training

This practical online training solution for HR is the brainchild of Brett Edwards and Dr Charlie Vivian.  The training will be delivered by experienced Occupational Health physicians.  Brett said “There is a current misconception by HR that OH works against them.  In reality, this is just the opposite, OH loves HR.  Any OH provider should be a trusted partner to HR in terms of helping them and their employees get the most from OH.”  He went on to say that “We know many organisations are not seeing the true potential from their OH provider because they are not using the service correctly or at the right time and therefore do not see the full benefits from both an employee health and monetary basis”.  Dr Charlie Vivian, an experienced consultant in Occupational Medicine, has been heavily involved in this new product too from both a clinical and medical viewpoint as well as an OH viewpoint.  Previously, Charlie was Director of Quality for NHS Plus, a national network of NHS OH providers.

As part of its mission statement, Corporate Health aims to use its charitable status and expertise to support education and research into Occupational Health.  The launch of this online training product for HR backs up the organisation’s promise to itself and its supporters to be a part of improving, educating and innovating the Occupational Healthcare industry going forward. 

For more information or interviews go to www.corporatehealth.co.uk or call us on 0845 680 7875


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