Press Release – Corporate Health announces that it is now delivering the Mental Health First Aid programme in partnership with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England.

8 May


Corporate Health, a leading national Occupational Health provider, partners with world leading Mental Health First Aid to deliver creditable mental health training to UK organisations.

Corporate Health announces that it is now delivering the Mental Health First Aid programme in partnership with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England.

Research shows that anxiety, stress and depression were responsible for the most UK sick days (c. 70 million days every year) from 2001- 2008. The cost of mental illness to UK business is huge, with the latest figures showing a £30.3 billion loss, which equates to £1,206 per employee who has not been supported with mental health issues.  By introducing Mental Health First Aid training into the workplace, businesses will be creating a healthier workforce and making a potential cost saving.

Corporate Health is now offering the internationally recognised and accredited MHFA training to UK organisations who are leading the way in understanding, identifying and supporting the need for good mental health in the workplace.  The training will educate people to spot the first signs of mental illness and give them the knowledge and confidence to help those in distress.

In announcing this partnership, engaged Managing Director of Corporate Heath, Brett Edwards said “More and more we are being asked how we can support businesses who want to work towards avoiding and reducing the level of absence as a result of mental health issues. Our partnership with MHFA is important as it allows businesses to put the right level of training on the frontline, educating the workforce to identify early and support/understand colleagues and customers who may be affected by some form of mental health conditions. This innovative approach allows our customers to engage the whole team in tackling the problem not just a select few”.

CEO of MHFA England, Poppy Jaman supported Brett’s sentiment by saying “Mental health is now recognised as a key and growing area for occupational health providers and we are delighted to be working with organisations such as Corporate Health to deliver Mental Health First Aid training. Employers will gain tremendous confidence in dealing with mental health issues once they have engaged with the training.  They will be better equipped to spot the first signs of someone in distress and facilitate a quicker intervention and signpost them to an appropriate mental health professional. It is as important for people to be trained in mental health first aid as it is physical health because both help save lives.”

MHFA was created in Australia in 2000 and is now provided in 21 countries around the world.   To date, there are over 650 instructors in England who have delivered the MHFA course to over 55,000 people.

MHFA’s social objective is to increase the mental health literacy of the whole population, with an aim to train one in ten of every adult in England. Providing MHFA in any workplace not only fulfils Corporate Social Responsibility, but it also teaches staff how to spot the early signs of a mental health problem, give guidance and support and to stop the problem getting worse.

For further details, please contact Nicole Martin by email at


Note to Editors:

  • Corporate Health is holding a 4 hour Mental Health First Aid Lite introduction training taster event for HR managers at our Slough based facility on 17th June (9am to 12 noon) for just £99 + VAT per person. To register at this event, email
  • If you would be interested in receiving an article on this subject or conducting an interview with Corporate Health or MHFA England, please do get in touch –  
  • * The Centre for Mental Health (2010)

Contact Information:

Nicole Martin
Corporate Health
The Buckingham Centre, 30 Bradford Road, Slough, Berkshire  SL1 4PG
T: 0845 680 7875

Poppy Jaman
Mental Health First Aid England
49-51 East Road, Old Street, London N1 6AH
T: 020 7250 8062/3



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