Free CPD Training for OH Advisors and OH Physicians – Can’t work Won’t work.

28 May

Corporate Health launches training for OHA and OHP’s,which is open to all regardless of who you work for or where you work. All we ask is that you  are registered as a qualified OHA or OHP.

Corporate Health is a charity established in 1947 before the NHS, Our charitable objectives are to further develop OH services to Corporate Britain through training and research. We are extending our charitable programme to now inlcude training for clinicians outside of our STR and internal development training. Dr Charlie Vivian (Medical Director) and Brett Edwards (Managing Director) would like to invite you to attend this stimulating event. This is the first event of a monthly programme we have put together and is designed to look at topics which will help improve day to day  case work and count towards your CPD..

Course Title

Can’t Work Won’t Work.


10:00 – 12:30

Corporate Health – Slough

Dr Charlie vivian will be Looking at the problems we face in using modern medicine and psychiatry to try and get everyone back to work.

To Book your Place Email sue.o’ 

Find out more about Corporate Health at



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