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Wednesday 26th June Free Event – Managing Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace find out how to do it.

24 Jun

Slough Working Well part of Slough Business Community Partnership


08:15am – 10:00am           

Wednesday, 26th June 2013

 SEGRO Conference Centre, 234 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4EE

drugs and alcohol

Don’t miss out!

+ Over 35 businesses attended our last event, so make sure you or a representative attends this free event.

+ Local businesses need to be working together as a community and networking

+ Get involved as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to Slough

Slough Working Well, in partnership with the Slough Business Community Partnership, is pleased to invite you to our next event on the 26th June, entitled “Managing Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace”. The cost of alcohol misuse to the UK economy is £6.4 billion each year and alcoholism affects 4% of adult UK workers. And according to one drug researcher, 1 in 30 employees in the UK has drugs in their system at any one time in the workplace.

This event will also be a great opportunity to network, learn, meet key partners and providers of related services and get involved in the Slough business community. To register, email your name, company name and contact details to Bob Jones (SBCP) at

We look forward to seeing you there.


Corporate Health launches 24/7 GP service for employees

17 Jun



GP Telephone Consultation Service

Contacting your GP for medical advice, reassurance or guidance, especially outside surgery hours or during the working day, can often prove difficult.  And even after you’ve called the surgery, you may face a long delay or have to take an appointment at an inconvenient time.

Now you can speak with a GP at a time that suits you. 

Corporate Health is introducing a private GP Telephone Consultation Service to enable you to talk in confidence, to a qualified practising GP without the worry and inconvenience of time constraints.  Every call remains confidential – no personal details or any advice given will be passed on to any organisation or individual without your prior consent.  You can even arrange an online webcam consultation so you can easily explain your symptoms to the doctor.  The doctor can use images and a note board to help you with any explanation or diagnosis.  The GP Telephone Consultation Service is available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year from anywhere in the world.  The Online Webcam service is available Monday to Friday 08.30am to 6.30pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Why a GP Telephone or Online Webcam Consultation Service?
• If you are working or leading a busy lifestyle, you may have difficulty getting to the surgery during opening hours.
• Or you may have difficulty getting through to the surgery or face a long wait for an appointment.
• In some areas, it is difficult to register at your local GP surgery or to access a GP outside surgery hours.
• You know that in an emergency you should call your own doctor or the emergency services, but it is sometimes difficult to decide if a medical problem is important enough to see your GP.
• Or perhaps you want to discuss a sensitive or confidential medical matter and would prefer to talk to a GP over the telephone at a time to suit you.
• Maybe you want more time to discuss your concerns or a second opinion.

Who answers the phone?
Your call will be answered by a specially trained operator.  The operator will take some details from you and arrange for a GP to call you back at a convenient time.
Should our doctor think it advisable, and subject to your agreement, we will send a record of your consultation to your own GP in order to keep him/her informed.

What sort of things can I ask about?
• Any healthcare issue that you feel requires the expertise of a doctor
• An ache or a pain that won’t go away – we can provide diagnosis (where appropriate), clinical advice on your symptoms and discuss possible treatments and next steps
• Sensitive or confidential concerns
• Explanations of diagnosis or treatment you may have been prescribed.
• Possible after-effects of surgery
• Side-effects of any medication you’re taking
• Vaccinations you may need when you’re travelling abroad and other health precautions relevant to your own personal medical history

Will I still need to see a GP?
The GP Telephone Consultation Service provides an invaluable diagnosis, reassurance and advice service which often prevents an unnecessary trip to a GP.  We can help with most questions you may want to ask a GP, but if you have symptoms which require a physical examination or a secondary care referral, you may have to see your NHS GP.

Can I call in an Emergency?
No.  This service is not a replacement for your own NHS GP or the Emergency services.  It can provide you with advice and support and to answer any routine queries that you may have.  It is not designed to be used for urgent medical problems for which you should seek immediate advice from your registered GP – alternatively you should call the emergency services.  This is to ensure that “hands on” medical attention is not delayed.

How often can I call?
There is no limit to the number of times you can use the GP Telephone Consultation Service.  You can call as often as you need, secure in the knowledge that all advice will be given by practising GPs who are in touch with latest advances in medical care.

For more information, contact Sales on 0330 330 3095 or visit

Successful Time Critical Annual Climber medicals Delivered by Corporate Health for Arqiva.

6 Jun

Read how Corporate Health provide a time critical annual medical programme for the climbers at Arqiva and the positive feedback our customers give us.

17th June Stress and Mental Health First Aid Training Session Just £99

5 Jun

Find out how you can equip your workforce to deal with stress and Mental Health related conditions


Corporate Health is holding a 3 hour Mental Health First Aid Lite introduction training taster event at our Slough based facility on 17th June (9am to 12 noon) for just £99 + VAT per person.   To register your place at this event, email

Research shows that anxiety, stress and depression were responsible for the most UK sick days (c. 70 million days every year) from 2001 – 2008. The cost of mentalillness to UK business is huge , with the latest figures showing a £30.3 billion loss, which equates to £1,206 per employee who has not been supported with mental health issues. By introducing Mental Health First Aid training into the workplace, businesses will be creating a healthier workforce and making a potential cost saving.

Corporate Health is now offering the internationally recognised and accredited MHFA training to UK organisations who are leading the way in understanding, identifying and supporting the need for good mental health in the workplace. The training will educate people to spot the first signs of mental illness and give them the knowledge and confidence to help those in distress.

Please join us on this  effective taster session ….

Mental Health training benefits and further information.

More information about our partnership with MHFA England.