17th June Stress and Mental Health First Aid Training Session Just £99

5 Jun

Find out how you can equip your workforce to deal with stress and Mental Health related conditions


Corporate Health is holding a 3 hour Mental Health First Aid Lite introduction training taster event at our Slough based facility on 17th June (9am to 12 noon) for just £99 + VAT per person.   To register your place at this event, email nicole.martin@corporatehealth.co.uk

Research shows that anxiety, stress and depression were responsible for the most UK sick days (c. 70 million days every year) from 2001 – 2008. The cost of mentalillness to UK business is huge , with the latest figures showing a £30.3 billion loss, which equates to £1,206 per employee who has not been supported with mental health issues. By introducing Mental Health First Aid training into the workplace, businesses will be creating a healthier workforce and making a potential cost saving.

Corporate Health is now offering the internationally recognised and accredited MHFA training to UK organisations who are leading the way in understanding, identifying and supporting the need for good mental health in the workplace. The training will educate people to spot the first signs of mental illness and give them the knowledge and confidence to help those in distress.

Please join us on this  effective taster session ….

Mental Health training benefits and further information.

More information about our partnership with MHFA England.


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