Flu – Is Your Business Prepared?

10 Jul




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All this hot weather and its easy to forget that very soon summer holidays will be over and we start heading into Flu vaccination season. Many businesses now offer employees Flu vaccines to help reduce the chance of high sickness levels as flu sweeps through the office but also as a staff wellbeing initiative demonstrating the business is committed to the employees health and wellbeing.

Last year one of the major suppliers had a problem with their shipment, this put increased pressure on the market place and finding vaccines if not already secured was difficult. Act now and reserve your flu vaccines for this season, your supplier will usually take your order but not expect payment until September.  Vaccines are usually delivered to the providers around mid September with vaccination programmes being completed during October and November.

Vaccination only takes a few minutes and they don’t cost very much. There are 3 solutions businesses can consider and of course a combination of all 3 is possible. I have not included the GP solution as very often GP’s will only offer flu to vulnerable patients.

On site service – This involves a nurse coming to your premises in half or full day blocks they can vaccinate 40 employees per half day session. The benefit of this service is its easy and convenient for your employees so greater chance of uptake and only takes a few minutes out of their day.

Clinic Service – Ideal if you only have a few employees or they miss the on site service day. Employees can call in to their local clinic with a voucher and one of our team will vaccinate them.

National service – We can supply your business with vouchers that can be used at national supermarket and chemist around the UK. the employee presents the voucher and will be vaccinated.

If you would like to know more about Flu or secure your order please complete our order form  for a quote or call the Corporate Health Sales team on 0330 330 3095.

Visit us atwww.corporatehealth.co.uk


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