Wednesday Event – Ageing workforce what are the health needs? – 2nd October 2013, Slough

30 Sep


Time: 08:15am – 10:00am

Date: Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Venue: Mars Conference Centre, 3D Dundee Road, Slough SL1 4LG 


 Over 30 businesses attended our last event, so make sure you or a representative attends this free event

Local businesses need to be working together as a community and networking

Get involved as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to Slough

  • 29% of employers are already seeing a rise in the average age of employees 37% of employers expect to see their workforce get older in the future, 38% believe that ageing workforce health issues will impact their company
  • With the ending of compulsory retirement age in 2011 and with the current economic crisis, many of us will be working into old age. So what impact could this pose on workforce health issues? Rising sickness absence rates, ill health retirement, worsening of medical conditions, reduced working hours and more. What impact will this also have on today’s up and coming new comers into the workplace?
  • This event will also be a great opportunity to network, learn, meet key partners and providers of related services and get involved in the Slough business community.The World Economic Forum 2012 identifies three major threats to future economic growth; ageing populations, non – communicable disease incidence (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease & cancer) and global talent shortages. Investing in a sustainable and healthy workforce is a socio-economic imperative. No organisation can be competitive in the future without healthy and productive people

    This workshop looks at some of the health and social trends that may impact the productivity of our businesses in Slough over the coming decade and what we can do today to be ready for tomorrow.

  • What health problems can you envisage for your organisation in the future? Open session
  • Health issues that might impact on your organisation in the future
  • The demands on your workforce in the future
  • Legal considerations in relation to the workforce
  • Questions & Answers Session ends
To register, email your name, company name and contact details to Bob Jones (SBCP) at

We look forward to seeing you there.

Slough Working Well, in partnership with the Slough Business Community Partnership Supported by


Slough Borough council

Corporate Health

Rethink mental illness

Mars chocolate

Morgan Cole

Talking Therapies

Thames Valley Chamber of commerce


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