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Capita Update

14 Jan

Since publication of my blog discussion last week (which raised questions and the feedback from some of Capita’s customers stating Capita had told customers it can no longer provide occupational health services) I have been contacted by Scot Smith MD of Organisational Health to advise Capita have confirmed that they have no intention of pulling out of this market, either now or in the future.

I apologise if the discussion  I shared based on discussion I had with others was in anyway inaccurate and thank Scot for clarifying the situation.




Occupational Health Charity Corporate Health ‘The Times – 1948’

10 Jan

I was just working through some old folders and found this article which featured in The Times in 1948. It really shows how innovative Corporate Health (Slough Industrial services) was in developing OH in the UK. Focusing on Protecting employee wellbeing, Providing a full range of OH services and of course Promoting healthy living and good practices to employees and employers.

To find out more about how your business can access great OH services, representing real value for money and support this charity go to

Click here for pdf 20140110152844630

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GP waiting times the hidden cost to your business.

9 Jan

The Royal College of GPs has warned that more patients will be forced to wait a week or more in 2014 because of a shortage of GPs.  This announcement has received significant media coverage. How does this affect your business as employees are either off work waiting to see a GP or ill and not getting treatment.

  •  26.2 million people waited more than a week to see their GP in 2013
  • 27 million patients in England will have to wait at least a week for an appointment in 2014
  •  71% of family doctors expect waiting times to get longer over the next 2 years
  • NHS budget spent on general practice dropped to its lowest share on record of 8.39%
  • If waiting times get longer the pressure on A&E will intensify.  “This is bad news for patients and bad news for the whole of the NHS”

As employers we need to look at the hidden costs and impacts these delays have on our business. The consequences of delays are employees extending their absence waiting to see a GP resulting in delays starting treatment, not great for them or your business. We even hear, would you believe, that some employees are happy to blame another day in bed because they cant get to see the doctor! Admittedly not all employees needing to see a GP are off work but they still need to take time off to visit their local surgery, which could be quite some way from where they work, and with only a few appointments being available at the beginning or start of the day there is a certain amount of resulting downtime.

Now imagine you had you own company doctor available to your employees 24/7 with an appointment available within 30 mins, even better imagine you had access to a pharmacy to dispense drugs including antibiotics for delivery the next working day, so whilst most of the population still have 5 days to wait before seeing a GP your employees have started medication and are on the road to recovery, or in the case of our ‘some employee’ they no longer have an excuse.

The benefits of this kind of service certainly outweigh the cost when you think about how much it costs per day an employee is absent, not to mention the impact on your business operations. Take for example one of our schools where teachers often commute in, if they need to go and see a GP it can mean a whole morning out affecting 4 or 5 classes and the education of 120 students.  I am sure you can relate a similar story to your business which really does highlight the impact, and its only going to get worse.

As pressures on GP availability grow we are starting to see more and more business introduce a new employee benefit which in the past has only been available to those huge organisations or ones with deep pockets. Not only is it a benefit to the employee it actually delivers a ROI. More and more businesses are offering employees access to a 24/7 telephone based GP service which is helping to cut surgery visits for those using it. All callers get to speak to  GP within a few hours often 30 mins, there is even a timed appointment system, and if its during office time innovative use of webcam technology gives a virtual surgery environment.

To find out how this pay per appointment service works and how you could be helping your employees avoid time off work waiting to see a GP contact us on 0330 330 3095 or visit our website to read more GP services

Corporate Health is a Charity established before the NHS in 1947 to look after the health and wellbeing of employees . We offer a full range of OH services to businesses across the UK who see the benefit of working with a charity where any surplus is put back into delivering better OH instead of paying shareholder dividends. To find out more go to 

At our Slough clinic we offer a minor injuries unit which helps reduce the need for employees of businesses that use us spending hours in A&E getting them back to work much quicker. This service was one we offered in 1947 and still has great value, watch a video on the good old days by clicking here