13 Jun



Brett Edwards – Managing Director – Corporate Health

I would like to announce that as of the 13th  June 2014 I will be stepping down as Managing Director and leaving Corporate Health. Following a review of our current roadmap and discussions with the Board it is clear now is the time to step aside and hand over the operation of the charity to Dr Nicola Cordell and the management team, who will focus on strengthening and growing the clinical team and the delivery of quality occupational health services to our customers.

A year ago the Board of Trustees was restructured to bring greater diversity and experience.  The Board meets monthly and provides governance, direction and support to the Executive team as the charity enters a new phase of growth.  It is with the Board that we reviewed and updated our Articles, and reframed our Charitable Objects, these being readily accepted by the Charities Commission:

·      To protect the physical and mental health of the working age population through providing support to employers and employees in the prevention of work related diseases and injury

·      To provide high quality occupational health services to the benefit of employees (including those not currently in work) and employers

·  To promote the development of occupational health services nationally through providing education and specialty training for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, and to promote research into occupational health

Over the last two years we have restructured our operations and delivery model, putting in place a back office team, systems and finance process to support the “front line” clinical team and others delivering the Charitable Objects of Corporate Health.  It is from these strong foundations that further improvements and system enhancements will streamline operations and improve the customer experience as part of the evolution and growth of Corporate Health.

We continue to keep our overheads to the necessary minimum, and have now restructured the organisation for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. After a long search we have identified a very experienced Medical Director, Dr Nicola Cordell FFOM, who has excellent managerial and clinical skills, and who has a clear sense of what we are about as charity and shares our vision.   With her formal appointment, I am now able to step down from leading the Charity, as I have long considered that the right Medical Director would be able to combine the clinical and executive leadership roles in Corporate Health, and indeed this is the model that we have followed for most of the last 67 years, since we were formed as a charity providing occupational health services in Slough in 1947.

My departure also allows for further investment in the clinical delivery team to strengthen our position, and to continue to drive forward the Charity’s expertise and commitment to high quality of provision for our customers.

At this point I would like to thank all of those employees, partners and customers who have supported the Charity as we have evolved; your support of the Charity and myself has been inspirational and will no doubt continue to be one of the key elements of success as Corporate Health goes forward.

I will certainly miss working with such a dedicated and positive group of individuals, who understand the importance of delivering a service which meets the needs of our customers.  Your support and commitment is to be commended and something we can all be proud of.



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