Is an Interim Manager What I need?

15 Sep


  • Interim managers are experienced business leaders with specialist skills, experience and a track record of making a difference.
  • Interim managers can quickly fill gaps or take on strategic roles. They can be with you anything from 4 weeks to a year and some are even happy to provide 2-3 days per week services to your business.
  • Interim managers are brought into organisations to strengthen capabilities either on a short term or longer term basis. They lead transformation and change; getting projects in place – quickly and effectively.
  • An interim managers continued success and employment is based on them delivering results, they have no long term career aspirations with your business just a focus on delivering what was agreed as part of the assignment.
  • With no interest in internal politics or carving a career in your business they will speak openly and highlight what a company should do to achieve its goals.
  • Interims give businesses across the UK access to talent, as and when they need to tap into it, interims are normally open to working anywhere in the UK or abroad giving you a wider pool of skills to draw into your business.


Interim managers are normally available immediately. Typically it could take a minimum of two to four months to hire a permanent member of staff, and then they may have to serve out their notice period, typically 3 months.

Value for money

ROI on your interim is a must but often not obvious, employing permanent employees may seem like the most cost effective solution but its not always the case. Businesses should consider agency fees, Cost to the business whilst you work through cvs, interview and wait for the new employee to start, typically 3 months later. It can be 6 months before you see if the hire was a successful one. Don’t forget employee’s come with Sick pay, NI, Pension, holidays and other benefits. Once the project is over or the gap has been covered there is no redundancy or difficult exit exercises to complete with an interim.

Immediate results

Interims have the experience to walk into a business and start delivering quickly identifying quick wins and taking control of the project. Unlike a permanent employee who is typically given a honeymoon period to settle in.


Its not unusual for an Interim Manager to be over experienced for the role they fill this allows them to deliver results and not need the mentoring you may expect for someone less experienced. Having worked on interim projects before they quickly build relationships identify the requirement and get on with it.

Interim managers offer instant experience and a capability, which is almost always one rank higher than the job requires.

What does it cost

They say that a good rule of thumb is to work on the interims day rate being 1% of the Salary you would offer for the role, so a £70k position would cost around £700 per day, however longer assignments can help reduce this cost and with no add ons, recruitment costs or loss in productivity to the business  during recruitment the case for hiring an interim can be a strong one especially if you only need the experienced resource for a set period to fill a gap or complete a project.

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