How do you find an Interim Manager when you need one?

24 Sep


So, you have decided an Interim Manager is what you need, perhaps for the reasons identified in my previous post  ‘Is an Interim Manager What I need?. The next question is how do you find them? Assuming you don’t want to wait months, spending weeks going through a selection process and waiting for them to finish an assignment, finding the right person may not be that easy


Interim Recruitment Agency – If you Google interim recruitment there are several large and a number of specialist interim recruitment companies you could go to, they have access to a network of consultants and will know who is available quickly providing you with a list of available candidates. They will come highly recommended by the agency who will normally have used them on previous assignments.

But wait! Whilst the above is the traditional method, could you use your network to find someone they have worked with or know? There is nothing better than a personal recommendation and you have potentially thousands/millions of connections who might be able to help. Its also another excuse to raise your own and company profile within your network.


Use your Network – I am a firm believer that Linkedin will become the central point for connecting recruiters with job hunters in the future, cutting out the need for the hundreds of job search websites we have access to (once they get their pricing model right and build in some of the job site functionality recruiters and jobseekers need). So finding an interim on Linkedin; is it possible? The answer is yes.

We all look at our network/connections and often think it’s actually not very big but it doesn’t need to be. I have just checked my LinkedIn and even though I don’t have a huge number of direct connections those connections can potentially link me with 11 million other professionals, so how do I do that?


  • Share with your LinkedIn network that you are looking for an interim? Make sure you say how long for, location, sort of skills they need, maybe even the role and how quickly you need them. This is not a job advert as such but you asking your network for help. Ask can they recommend anyone or share your request with groups they are connected to (Ask them to share or like your post as part of the message. If you don’t ask you won’t get and most people are happy to do so if asked!), let’s face it if you were at a networking meeting or dinner with business colleagues you would think nothing of just asking if they knew a good Interim Project Manager for example! People like to help others and a request to your network for recommendations quite often throws up some interesting results.

groups copy

  • Join LinkedIn Groups and then post your request to the group directly. It’s very easy just post an article as normal, but to get a greater reach ‘share’ the article with the groups you are members of. The benefit of this is that it will be visible to hundreds or thousands of group members you are not directly connected with and will then appear in their daily, weekly and monthly digest alerts (just in case they miss it). This is a great way to get a message out to people who are in the skills area you are looking at ‘project managers group’ ‘Interims groups’ even down to ‘specialist skills groups’ but not directly connected to, it really does work. Remember to join groups wisely, look for groups that have good membership numbers and seem active.


  • Post a LinkedIn Job Ad and pay for 30 days listings around £180, not as many people use the job search element as they do Job specific websites as yet but I am convinced that over time LinkedIn, if it can get the search element right and pricing we will see more senior roles being posted.

If you have other methods or any great success or failure stories please do share them.

Brett Edwards 

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