Helping your business review its Occupational Health Needs.

30 Sep

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Brett Edwards former Managing Director for Corporate Health the Occupational Health charity established in 1947, Operations Director at MASTA Occupational Health and Operations Manager for Active Health Partners is engaging with Occupational Health providers or businesses with In-House OH services to offer Consultancy and Interim Management solutions on either a full time, part time or project defined basis.

Brett has worked for a number of organisations and their clinical teams as both and consultant and interim business leader delivering Absence Management and Occupational Health services to companies across the UK. Some of his experience includes developing technology and interfaces for both the customer, admin and clinicians, reviewing and implementing new operational processes, restructuring operations, developing full customer journey solutions and partnerships with other industry experts, implementing remote case management solutions, developing sales and marketing strategies and winning new business.

It is this experience and Brett’s passion for the industry which has led him to launch his new website promoting consultancy and interim management services to the sector.

Quite often those providing Occupational Health don’t have the time to look at the technology and operational procedures they could adopt to be more efficient or they lose sight of how to provide a better service to users of the service. It may also be the case those involved in the business find these elements are not one of their core skills and don’t know where to start. Brett’s logical approach and hands on experience can help.

In such a competitive market those providing OH case management services need to ensure they are meeting the needs of the customer, it is this relationship which will become even more important as competition from the new governments OH initiative starts to kick in, raising questions with current customers “could I get the same information for free from the new service”.

No two OH providers seem to be the same and all will without a doubt have specific projects which need to be delivered. Interim Management can either work on delivering the project or cover the workload of your own team member who is expert in the business releasing them so they can work on leading the project to competition.

As an OH provider how often have you challenged the way you work or if there is technology which could help improve the service or reduce your overhead. Consultancy can help you focus on these areas looking at the detail for or with you and giving open honest feedback, developing a plan and providing a solution.

Finally for those businesses who use OH providers and are either going through procurement or would like to change who they use, but the thought of doing so and work involved stops them dead in their tracks Fresh Track can help manage and support the scoping of your requirement and Procurement Process, drawing upon clinical expertise should it be required.

If you would like to know more about Brett’s background or need Interim Management,Independent Consultancy Services or Procurement advice from and industry expert then please visit


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